Product Packaging for the Lawn & Garden Industry (landscaping)

Key Industry Challenges

NOVA Packaging is well versed in the demands placed on our customers who package products for use in the lawn and garden industry. Seasonal production demands driven in many cases by regional weather patterns require that your packaging and palletizing equipment be fast, flexible, easy to operate and provide a quick return on your capital investment. Labor in many cases is difficult to find and the expense associated with work place injuries due to heavy and repetitive lifting can add significant complications to your operation. Additionally, production capability has to be fast and flexible to meet the last-minute demands of the end use customer.

The Solution

The meet these key challenges, NOVA Packaging designs, engineers, manufactures and supports equipment and systems designed specifically for the lawn and garden industry. Our fillers and bagging equipment have been designed for ease of changeover between products giving you increased up-time and greater flexibility. Additionally, we engineer simplicity into our mechanical and control systems which allows seasonal staff to quickly assimilate to the packaging operation. Further, our control communication options allow management both on and off site the ability to view production output in real-time.

Downstream, our palletizers and wrappers are built to accept a wide range of package and pallet configurations designed to accommodate varying load heights, pallet patterns and unitizing demands. We also understand that many times your finished pallets must sit outdoors while awaiting transit or sale. Our wrapping systems offer various levels of protection that help assure your product reaches the consumer in the same condition in which it left your facility.