Product Packaging for the Food Industry

Key Industry Challenges

Working in food grade environments requires an in-depth understanding of both equipment design, and end-user production processes. Equipment must be designed to run cleanly, be easy to clean and inspect and provide ease of maintenance. Additionally, consideration has to be given as to the environment that the equipment will be used in, and the steps used for cleaning. Equipment used must also be extremely reliable given the tight timelines associated with maximizing shelf life.

The Solution

NOVA Packaging offers packaging and palletizing systems for the food industry that can meet all of the above challenges. Our experienced engineering staff designs our food systems to be both clean, and cleanable. We offer a host of standard options designed to meet the requirements commonly found in food packaging applications. Consideration is given to both maintaining a clean system and safe food handling, as well as design elements suited to cleaning, inspection and longevity in cold, wet or otherwise harsh environments. Additionally, our dedication to simplistic design assures you that the system will be up and running when you need it most allowing you to deliver product to the consumer supply chain when and where you need it.