Product Packaging for the Feed & Seed Industry

Key Industry Challenges

The feed and seed industries have undergone dramatic changes over the past two decades. Production has become centralized to larger facilities with higher production demands and government and industry regulation have become increasingly stringent. I.R.M. (refuge) requirements in the seed industry must be met with absolute precision. Further, the need for documentation of packaging operations has increased substantially and the ability to reduce and/or eliminate cross-contamination of products is almost always a given.

The Solution

At NOVA, our packaging systems are designed for high speed, ease of cleaning and superior accuracy on your high-value agricultural products. Changeover time between products is greatly reduced and our attention to automation detail provides in many applications a total packaging and palletizing labor cost of less than $1.00 per ton. Additionally, our systems communication options allow to seamlessly take production information and merge it into internal and external production and regulatory documentation.