About Us

Since our inception in 1996, NOVA Packaging has focused on an unwavering commitment to three core business principles; people, process and service. At NOVA, we believe critical elements are the foundation of everything throughout our company.

Our People:
In every successful business, it starts with the people that are behind the product or service. At NOVA Packaging, we know that in order to help you solve your packaging process challenge we must have experienced personnel in every discipline within our company; sales, engineering, manufacturing and field service. Our management team has nearly two centuries of combined packaging and material handling experience. Our investment in our people allows us to work with you to arrive at the best overall solution to your unique process challenge.

Our Processes:
At NOVA, we understand the complex nature of today’s automated packaging systems. We know that implementing an effective solution requires both attention to detail and a commitment to structured engineering and manufacturing processes. We start with a very detailed sales quote that outlines all aspects of our proposed solution. Once a quote becomes a sales order, we then build multiple levels of approval drawings that both document the system being manufactured, as well as allowing your input into changes or improvements. These top-level drawings are then converted into shop level details that insure each component within your system is not only built according to your requirements, but that they are constructed to our demanding internal standards both quality and performance.

Our Service:
Without an experienced and well trained service staff, even the best of equipment will have a less than satisfactory service life. NOVA Packaging has been built around insuring that our customers have access to the very best in all aspects of service support. Our field engineering and parts group are made up of some of our most experienced team members. Their knowledge and years of systems experience assures you that your service requirement will be addressed both quickly, and professionally. Service is the building block of our continued successes and it’s more than a buzz word at NOVA; it’s our pledge.

 Our Belief System:

  • Maintain close, personalized customer contact at all levels while providing clients with clear, concise and results oriented support services
  • Focus on continual product improvement by leveraging our past experiences into each new project
  • Challenge every discipline within our company to remain dynamic in their implementation of improved processes and procedures
  • Utilize forward-looking engineering concepts early in the project to anticipate, and address, future needs that might affect the final outcome
  • Design and build equipment and systems that are rugged, dependable, simple to maintain and easy to operate 
  • Always ask the question at each stage of the project; “Does this meet our clients bottom line expectation”
  • Utilize proven equipment designs in configurations customized to meet each clients unique application challenge
  • Design as much flexibility as possible into each machine design so as to offer clients the highest possible R.O.I.
  • Treat every client the same regardless whether they order one machine, or a complete turn-key system
  • Provide technical support
  • Maintain internal capabilities for all disciplines including project management, mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing and assembly shops, and fully competent field engineering support

In the end, it’s treating others like we want to be treated. It’s a belief system we practice every day. It’s our Promise. It’s our pledge. It’s NOVA Packaging.